Dear Friends!

This website is a fully privately initiated and non-profit making home page, and has not been connected to any kind of income or official financial assistance. I am not going to discourage anyone of our potential supporters; however I wish to be clear on this matter. This website operates under my name, but it does not mean that I wish to monopolize it. I have some good friends who have sent to me materials; therefore from now on I will use the plural.

Our common aim is to make the Szolnok Aviation Museum popular and as well as to discover the great many hidden point of interest connected with the here exhibited airplanes and aviation related items and to share them with the persons showing an interest in it – among them with YOU my Friend! We wish to expand step by step continuously this home page, to refine and improve its content. It would do us good




We would be more than happy if you could assist our work with any kind of information, photo or maybe a good pertinent story! Your notes on the published texts are also welcome. We thank you in advance for the corrective remarks regarding our regrettable mistakes if any.

In case you send us any supporting material your name will be shown as author or source (or on your formal request we will leave it appreciating you privacy!)

Unfortunately one part of the photos shown here was received through umpteenth hands and lot of theme’s authors are unknown to us. I might as well to admit it is not quite square, but let it be to my defence, it serves altruistic purposes. Would you recognize your own picture, if you let me know about, I would show up your name by side with pleasure or if you desire so, I will the picture concerned delete from the home page at once.




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Sándor HAJNAL *

*Explanatory note: this honest name is well known in Szolnok aviation circles as a honoured sport flyer, who is not me.